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RV Space Rental Questions

Are state/local taxes included in your rental rates?

Sales Tax will be applied to rental rates, they have not been included in the advertised rate. Sales tax rates vary by location, type of unit and length of stay. Generally they range between 8-12% for short term stays and 2-4% for long term.

Can friends or family use our unit when we are not here? Can our grandchildren visit us?

Of course they can. We have no restrictions on guests other than they are required to abide by the same rules as our residents and they cannot stay longer than 30 days per year. Guests are welcome year-round at Pueblo El Mirage, and in-season (Oct-April) at Gold Canyon and Sunrise.

Do you accept Good Sam or Camp Club USA?

Yes, both. However we do have some blocked out areas at the resorts.

Do you allow dry on-site RV storage?

We do not allow RV storage on a RV space; however, if you are a customer of the resort, we have a temporary storage area for a fee.

Do you allow RV Rallies?

Yes, we love to have rallies. Please contact the resort for availability and cost, or use our Caravans and Rallies Form.

Do you have other package deals or other specials?

Yes. We generally have seasonal specials, early-booking incentives, and other promotions that save you money.

Do you have pull-through RV spaces?

We have a limited amount of Pull-Through RV sites at Pueblo El Mirage RV and Golf Resort.

Do you have Wi-Fi and Cable?

Cable and internet is provided at your space for a fee. We have free Wi-Fi hotspots at main resort facilities.

Do you offer payment plans or discounts

We offer an installment payment plan for annual rentals only. We also offer early- and pre-pay discounts of up to 5%. Please check with the resort's reservations for details.

Do you require name badges?

Yes, they are provided at no cost to you.

Do your resorts offer year-round activities and amenities?

Pueblo El Mirage activities and amenities are maintained year-round, though to a lesser degree in summer. Gold Canyon and Sunrise are primarily seasonal resorts with minimal summer operations.

How many RV spaces for rent are available?

We have 412 at Pueblo El Mirage, 188 at Gold Canyon and 124 at Sunrise. These numbers will fluctuate over time.

How often is trash pick-up? Is this service included in rates?

Trash is picked up at your RV space twice a week and is included in the RV space fee. Check with the front desk for arrangements on departure dates and additional service. Homes and Park Models also have twice a week pickup with a fee billed monthly.

How secure are your resorts?

We are fully gated communities with guard stations at the entrances in season.

Is electric included in your RV space rental rates

Electric is included in our daily and weekly rates. For stays between 30 and 89 days, electric is billed out on a kilowatt basis monthly by the Resort. For longer stays over 90 days, guests are required to contact Arizona Public Service (Pueblo) or Salt River Project (Gold Canyon and Sunrise) to establish service, and will be billed by utility based on usage.

Is this a pet friendly community?

Yes, you may have 2 pets. When outside, they must be on a leash and you must pick up after them. We have a bark park available.

Sports & Fitness Amenities

  • State of the Art Exercise Equipment 

    State of the Art Exercise Equipment

  • Shower Facilities 

    Shower Facilities

  • Pickleball Courts 

    Pickleball Courts

  • Lighted Tennis Courts 

    Lighted Tennis Courts

  • Shuffle Board Courts 

    Shuffle Board Courts

  • Horseshoe Pits 

    Horseshoe Pits

  • Water Volleyball  

    Water Volleyball

What forms of payment do you accept, and when is payment required?

We accept check, money orders, traveler's checks and cash at all our resorts. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at Pueblo El Mirage with a 5% service fee. Deposits are required for RV space rental at time of reservation (amount depending on lenght of stay), with balance due at check-in.

What is the size of your RV spaces?

Our basic RV lot size is 40' x 55' at all three resorts. We accomodate motorhomes of 26' or longer up to 45'. Class A and C, as well as 5th wheels and travel trailors. No pop-ups or tents.

What is your reservation cancellation and refund policy?

We strive to ensure the satisfaction of all current and future guests, and understand that situations arise which require you to cancel your reservation. In general, we allow cancellation with a refund of deposit in the form of a voucher for future stay(s) with us. Requests for cash refunds for cancellations prior to your arrival may be handled on a case-by-case basis.

How is my lot lease increased determined?

We offer our residents a fixed rate lifetime lease. This gives homeowners security in more than one way. You have the lease as long as you or your spouse is alive. Those not taking that offer are determined upon the market comparisons at the time the decision is made.

What does my lease fee include?

The monthly fee covers the leasing of the home site, use of recreational facilities, and maintenance of all common areas including roads. Golf Course and Activities fees are applicable in most cases.

Manufactured Home Sales Questions

Can our grandchildren stay and visit with us?

Yes of course! We encourage family and guests to visit you, with length restrictions according to manufactured housing and RV rules. They are required to abide by the same rules and regulations as our residents. Please check with the Front Desk to Register your guest and pay any fees that may be applicable (Copy of Rules and Regulations available upon request).

Do I pay Real Estate Taxes?

No, you will pay a personal property tax to the county once a year. This is approximately 1% of purchase price.

Do I pay sales tax on this home?

Yes. The current rate is .071 of your home and upgrades.

How are your homes financed?

Feel free to shop around and make sure to let the Lender know that this is a manufactured home on leased land that is NOT affixed on the ground.

How is my base lot lease increase determined?

We offer our residents a fixed rate lifetime lease. This leaves gives homeowners security in more than one way. Our leases will not increase by more than 3.95% annually. You have the lease as long as you or your spouse live. Our innovative lifetime lease includes land cost, community maintenance, services and amenities into the low monthly payment that provides you with the long term financial security, the luxury of a maintenance free lifestyle in a professionally maintained and managed community.

How often do lot rents go up?

Lot rents go up each year. That is based on a variety of factors such as CPI, pass-onsand pass-throughsby city, county and state charges. We offer fixed rate increase option which is 3.95% increase per year for your lifetime.

Is this a pet friendly community?

Yes, you may have 2 pets. When outside, they must be on a leash and you must pick up after them. We have a bark park available.

We are part-time residents –Can our friends and family use our home while we are away?

Yes, however, they will have to abide by the same rules as any other resident, and, they will have to be 55+ years old.

What is included in the lease fee?

The monthly fee covers the leasing of the home site, free use of all recreational facilities, and maintenance of all common areas including roads.

What is the build out of this community?

Pueblo El Mirage has 1553 spaces. This is a combination of manufactured homes, park models and RV spaces. Gold Canyon offers 754 spaces, shared by park models and RVs. Sunrise combines RV spaces and park models on 493 oversized lots.

Who are the owners?

The Roberts Family has been in the community development and management industry for over 40 years. They have owned Pueblo El Mirage for 20 years. It is actively managed by the second generation of family members, who have invested over ,000,000, improving the community in recent years. The Roberts have the goal of building long lasting relationships which enhance your home, your lifestyle and the community value.

Why Leasing over owning?

In your pursuit for the ideal retirement community, your long-term satisfaction, happiness and security will greatly depend on your ability to free up funds to enjoy the retirement you so richly deserve. Leasing your lot allows you to own your home without the burden of paying a mortgage on the land and prohibitive property taxes and for the land.

Will these homes depreciate?

Location, no matter if site built or manufactured, plays a major role in prices.

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11201 N El Mirage Rd
El Mirage, AZ 85335

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