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Picture Perfect Places near Pueblo El Mirage

Staying active is an important aspect of physical and mental health and guests at Pueblo El Mirage enjoy a convenient location near many outdoor hotspots. Here you have some of our favorite picks for things to do during a gorgeous sunny day around El Mirage, Arizona.



For a fun filled day in the outdoors, lace up your shoes and hit the trails at Coach Whip, Ridgeline, and Sunrise Loop trails inside Thunderbird Conservation Park. Enjoy the lake, bring your mountain bikes, go bird watching, or just enjoy a fun hike with the family while being surrounded by amazing nature views.


new river trail.jpg

The New River trail, located between El Mirage and Downtown Phoenix, is the perfect location to observe wildlife and take in the breathtaking views. The trail is perfect for people who are looking for a smoother walking experience or want to get out and enjoy a long run since it is paved over its entire length.



PEM Golf Course.jpg

Golf enthusiasts can visit the beautiful 18-hole course at Pueblo El Mirage, it is ranked one of the best courses in the valley. The course comes with its own challenge as water comes into play on 13 holes, unmatched in the greater Phoenix area. Overall, this amenity is sure to be a great time to relieve stress, enjoy the sunshine, and spend time with friends while still being at a safe distance.


white tank mountain.jpg

For an escape away from it all, visit White Tank Mountain Regional Park. It is a bit further from the town, requiring about a 20 -minute drive, but creates the opportunity to rejuvenate away from the city’s chaos and noise. The grounds here boast an abundance of wildlife and very well-marked trails.


With so many options, we hope you will find the time to get outdoors and enjoy El Mirage. Please feel free to reach out to the staff here at Pueblo El Mirage for more recommendations.