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Satisfying Snacks for an Arizona Appetite

When you want something different to eat, but aren't sure how to get it, look no further than our list of restaurants near Sunrise RV Resort.  Whether you're using curbside pickup, delivery, or a phone app, there are several restaurants still offering great meals, here are our top picks..



Dino’s Italian Deli 1408 W. Apache Trail  (480) 983-0973

Dino’s Italian Deli is a delicious option for when that carb craving hits. This family owned restaurant creates some of the best classic Italian food without having to leave the country! Their menu ranges from salads, and pastas to pizzas and their “Crown Jewel,” the Italian Beef. Order online or call for pick-up and/or delivery.


press burger.jpg

Fresh Press Burger parlor 189 W. Apache Trail #102 (480) 982-4534

Burgers are a versatile choice for a meal during anyone’s day. Fresh Press: Burger Parlor is a delicious option to satisfy that burger need. Their menu allows for total customization, starting from choosing the number of patties, kind of cheese, toppers, sauces to put on or on the side, and sides like French fries, salads, or chips. They are open for pick up only!


los favoritos.jpg

Los Favoritos Taco Shop: 1879 W. Apache Trail (480) 982-1860

Mexican food is often the favorite answer to the question, what should we have for dinner today? When that happens be sure to remember Los Favoritos Taco shop! Their menu gives you delicious options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From classic beef tacos, to iconic Chile rellenos or a fajita plate! Los Favoritos is open for pick up, place your order at the front counter or give them a call.



The Subslingers: 124 S. Ironwood Dr. #8 (480) 330-1243

Sandwiches, wraps, and salads are as American as apple pie. Subslingers caters to all different sized appetites and they leave it up to you to select what size you want for each one of their sandwiches. They even offer the option to forgo the sub and have it as a salad or a wrap. Order online or call them for a quick meal solution.