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Vista Del Sol


With so many fun on-site activities you're guaranteed to never be bored, but if you want to explore even more off-site fun you can discover 190 square miles of water in Mohave county, the nearby casinos of Laughlin, hiking and ATV trails, and retail shopping. And if that's not enough, Las Vegas is just 94 miles away.

Sports & Fitness
  • Pools & Hot Tub
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Fitness Center
Game Room
  • Card Room
  • Billiards Room
Social Amenities
  • Clubhouse
  • BBQ Ramada
Service Amenities
  • Laundry Facility
  • Gated Community
  • Pet Parks

Pools & Hot Tub

At Vista Del Sol, we offer a heated pool and one non-heated pool. So whether you want to relax or get a quick refreshing dip in, we have you covered!

Pickleball Courts

Combining elements of Badminton, tennis and ping-pong, pickleball can be played between two, three, and four players. You might be surprised to learn that pickleball was invented in the 1960s as a backyard game for children but has since become popular among adults. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Fitness Center

Our fitness centers are fully equipped with treadmills, free weights, and stationary bicycles, to name just a few of our standard fitness center amenities. Come stay in shape with us!

Card Room

A quick shuffle, a cutting of the cards, and the game has begun. Whether it’s bridge or poker, crazy eights or go fish, Robert Resorts has got you covered.

Billiards Room

Rack ‘em up! Our impressive billiards tables and rooms offer any-hours play. Whether you’re looking for some real competition or just a way to pass the time, our billiards rooms are ready for you.


Large enough to house any club you happen to be a part of, our clubhouse is designed and situated to maximize the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area.

BBQ Ramada

From private parties to community cookouts, our BBQQ Ramada can accommodate any need!

Laundry Facility

An impressive supply of washers and dryers are available for our guests’ convenience, and can accommodate everything from the biweekly “laundry day” to a last-minute laundry emergency.

Gated Community

Nothing compares to the security and comfort that a gated community offers. Sometimes it’s nice to know that once you’re in, you’re in.

Pert Parks

When you’ve got a reservation at Robert Resorts, there’s no need to leave your pet at home. Our pet parks are the perfect place for Fido or Fifi to stretch their legs and say hello to other furry friends.